What To Look For In A Plastic Surgeon

What to Look for in a Qualified Cosmetic Surgeon

If you have decided to address a particular part of your appearance through the magic of cosmetic surgeon, you will want to choose your practitioner wisely. Even the smallest plastic surgery procedures carry risks of complication and only a fully qualified and experienced cosmetic surgeon will produce improvements with flawless perfection.

Look for Good Recommendations, Referrals and Profiles

The process can seem long and complex. It may even take several consultations before you find the cosmetic surgeon you feel comfortable with. The best way to find a good choice is by getting a referral from a trusted source.

One place to look is online. There are many directories and listings for qualified professionals in your area. You can use the “Select a Plastic Surgeon Tool” at Smart Beauty Guide, for example. Many cosmetic surgeons have online profiles listing their credentials and experiences and this will be an important point to check. You will find more information on checking credentials and memberships later in this article.

Personal recommendations are the best source for your needs. If you have a friend or relative who has undergone a procedure similar to the one you would like. And if their experience, was smooth painless and successful, you may have the best option right there.

If you see a doctor regularly, they may also have a good recommendation for you and your specific needs. The medical community is a close one and by speaking to a few OR nurses or surgical technicians can point you to the most reputable surgeon in your community.

No matter how highly recommended a cosmetic surgeon is, you will still want to verify their skill level and see they have the right qualifications and credentials for their work.

Following are some specific organizations and regulatory authorities that certify members as professional cosmetic surgeons. After you have a few options you can begin looking into which specialties match your needs best.

The best cosmetic surgeons are members of some of the following organizations.

-The American Society of Plastic Surgeons

-The American Society for Dermatologic Surgery

-The American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

-The American Academy of Dermatology

The doctor you are considering may have qualifications or memberships to other professional organizations not listed here. Theses listed here are simply the most common. Be sure to validate any credentials presented to you.

See through the Hype

Cosmetic Surgery is a competitive practice and sometimes lack of experience of inferior skills can be hidden behind claims like “the Best …” or “the Only”. Don’t be confused by marketing campaigns. Make your selection based on the procedures you desire and the option that is most qualified to address your particular needs.

Ask about “Fellowship Training”. This is a special training given to doctors that perform specific procedures as a specialty. If a plastic surgeon is a specialist in the procedure you are looking for, the risks are greatly reduced and the outcome is always superior.

As a final step, be sure to review the disciplinary board for the medical community to see if action has been taken against your doctor for malpractice of any type.

Points to Consider While Selecting Your Cosmetic Surgeon

Only a consultation with your cosmetic surgeon will resolve all your concerns and give you the confidence to proceed as planned. You will want to have a couple possibilities lined up, just in case you decide against your 1st choice. Here are some questions and points to consider at your consultation.

-Has this Plastic Surgeon performed this plastic surgery often? What were the results?

-Do they seem confident and courteous?

-Are the patient with your concerns? Does he/she encourage you ta ask more?

-Are the answers provided realistic and believable?

-If the surgeon does not have a private clinic, where will the procedure be performed?

-What is the entire cost of the procedure including the fee for anesthesiologists, operating room and any other charges?

-In case the first procedure is insufficient and a second required, what are your financial responsibilities?

Conclusion — if the doctor has all the proper qualifications and you feel completely confident, inspired and even excited after you leave the consultation, you have found a good option. If you feel even slightly unsure, you may want to confirm your consolation with the next option.

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